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Kings of Rugby


The 1959 Lions’ Tour & Series and the Lives Beyond

The Lions remain the highest-scoring side ever to tour Down Under. Their records will never to be broken. Against this red tide, the All Blacks had among their trump cards, one Don Clarke – the greatest goal-kicker the world has ever known – and a strong desire to hold onto the ‘world crown’ they’d recently wrested from the Springboks. But the 1959 All Black-Lions’ test series became one of the most controversial in history.

Here some of the legendary players who featured … Don Clarke, Colin ‘Pinetree’ Meads, Peter Jones, Kel Tremain, Wilson Whineray, ‘Tiny’ Hill, Terry Lineen, Ross Brown, Ian Clarke, Ron Hemi for the All Blacks … and Tony O’Reilly, Peter Jackson, Ken Scotland, David Hewitt, Bev Risman, Dickie Jeeps, Ronnie Dawson, Hughie McLeod, Noel Murphy, Rhys Williams for the Lions …

“Never before and never again” is quite a call. But Father Time waits for no man. Forty-three of these Legends remained alive when this project began. Some of them have since passed on. The survivors were mainly in their 80s. Even the brilliant Lions’ centre, David Hewitt – the ‘baby’ of the series at 19 years of age – was now “an the old-age pensioner,” as he told the author.

The ‘Lives Beyond’ content is from the players and fans – a half-century later – how they remember and and how they have lived their lives.

The tourists captured the public’s imagination. Sixty-three thousand spectators – more than were at the 2011 World Cup final – packed Eden Park for the fourth test. And people were left wondering: just who really were the Kings of Rugby?

In producing Kings of Rugby, a collector’s piece of intrinsic and historical value has been created. It’s all about quality – and quantity! This is a world first. Never before has such a project been achieved. All the All Blacks and all the Lions participated. The feat can never be replicated.

Now you’re beginning to see the uniqueness of this collection. It’s been called “a piece of Bradman-esque memorabilia” and has had remarkable reviews from the New Zealand and world media.


A Wonderful Presentation

The presentation of Kings of Rugby reaches new standards. YOUR book comes in a handsome presentation. It sits snugly contained inside a lined ‘cigar box’ (lift-up top) outer shellcase.

  • The covers are padded. Superb gold and bronze leather-look colours are involved (the ‘crazed’ leather-look is reproduced here on this brochure for YOU to judge).
  • There is a certificate of authenticity (signed by the author) and a written guarantee that it is restricted to only 490 copies (all the former players received a limited-edition book) worldwide. Each edition is numbered and there is a money-back guarantee.
  • Additionally, original signatures of the world’s leading sports stars are acknowledged as valuable, tradeable assets that tend to appreciate over time, similar to fine art, antiques and rare cars.
Once-in-a lifetime opportunity
It’s all about quality – and quantity
Great stories told by players and ‘witnesses,’ both then and now

Superb leather-look, padded & boxed presentation
Limited edition of 490 books worldwide
Certificate of authenticity
Money-back guarantee
Ideal Christmas, birthday or corporate gift

All of the players have signed each individual book!

ALL the surviving former players signed. They were:

The All Blacks:

Kevin Briscoe, Ross Brown, Ralph Caulton, Adrian Clarke, ‘Red’ Conway, ‘Tuppy’ Diack, ‘Tiny’ Hill, Mark Irwin, Terry Lineen, Nev MacEwan, John McCullough, Bruce McPhail, Colin Meads, Rex Pickering, Pat Walsh, Wilson Whineray.

 The Lions:

Alan Ashcroft, Niall Brophy, Stan Coughtrie, Terry Davies, Ronnie Dawson, Mick English, Roddy Evans, John Faull, David Hewitt, Phil Horrocks-Taylor, Dick Jeeps, David Marques, Hugh McLeod, Bryn Meredith, Syd Millar, Haydn Morgan, Bill Mulcahy, Noel Murphy, Ray Prosser, Tony O’Reilly, Malcolm Price, Bev Risman, Ken Scotland, Ken Smith, Malcolm Thomas, Gordon Waddell, John Young.