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The Immortals


The Book of New Zealand Cricket Test Players

This limited edition commemorative book contains the original signature of every living New Zealand test cricketer except one elderly former player unable to sign – plus the biography and a photo of all who played test cricket through history.

The Immortals is a collector’s dream. It has the greatest collection of New Zealand test cricketers’ original signatures ever assembled. It can NEVER be replicated! The book has 172 original signatures – beginning with Walter Hadlee – captain of the famous ‘Forty-niners’ and father of Sir Richard Hadlee – and Eric Tindill from the 1930s and moving through eight decades to all the modern players.

All the greats are there … the Cairns, Crowes, Hadlees, Howarths, Reids … and Bartlett, Burgess, Coney, Congdon, Greatbatch, Jones, Turner, Wright … Fleming, Vettori, Bond … and so forth.

‘The Immortals’ also contains biographies of all the more than 230 men who had played test cricket through history up to 2005 – including a photo of every player!


A Wonderful Presentation

  • The beautiful presentation is completed in shellcase, silver-blocked on front and spine, with ribbon marker bound into the case to lift out your book.
  • Each certified numbered copy comes complete with pledge of authenticity.
  • This is an investment in New Zealand’s cricketing heritage. Additionally, original signatures of the world’s leading sports stars are acknowledged as valuable, tradeable assets that tend to appreciate over time, similar to fine art, antiques and rare cars.
Once-in-a lifetime opportunity
It’s all about quality – and quantity
Great stories told by players and ‘witnesses,’ both then and now

ALL except one surviving player (now deceased) signed – 172 in total
Superb leather-look, padded & boxed presentation
Limited edition of 490 books worldwide
Certificate of authenticity
Money-back guarantee
Ideal Christmas, birthday or corporate gift

All of the players have signed each individual book!

ADAMS, Andre Ryan 2001/02; ALABASTER, John Chaloner ‘Jack’ 1955/56-1971/72; ALLOTT, Geoffrey Ian 1995/96-99; ANDERSON, Robert Wickham 1976/77-1978; ANDREWS, Bryan 1973/74; ASTLE, Nathan John 1995/96-2004; BARBER, Richard Trevor 1955/56; BARTLETT, Gary Alex 1961/62-1967/68; BARTON, Paul Thomas 1961/62-1962/63; BELL, Matthew David 1998/99-2001/02; BILBY, Grahame Paul 1965/66; BLAIN, Tony Elston 1986-1993/94; BLAIR, Robert William ‘Bob’ 1952/53-1963/64; BOLTON, Bruce Alfred 1958/59; BOND, Shane Edward 2001/02-2002/03; BOOCK, Stephen Lewis 1977/78-1988/89; BRACEWELL, Brendon Paul 1978-1984/85; BRACEWELL, John Garry 1980/81-1990; BRADBURN, Grant Eric 1990/91-2000/01; BRADBURN, Wynne Pennell 1963/64; BROWN, Vaughan Raymond 1985/86; BURGESS, Mark Gordon 1967/68-1980/81; BUTLER, Ian Gareth 2001/02-2003/04; CAIRNS, Bernard Lance 1973/74-1985/86; CAIRNS, Christopher Lance 1989/90-2004; CAMERON, Francis James ‘Frank’ 1961/62-65; CHATFIELD, Ewen John 1974/75-1988/89; COLLINGE, Richard Owen 1964/65-1978; CONEY, Jeremy Vernon 1973/74-1986/87; CONGDON, Bevan Ernest 1964/65-1978; CROWE, Jeffrey John 1982/83-1989/90; CROWE, Martin David 1981/82-1995/96; CUMMING, Craig Derek 2004/05; CUNIS, Robert Smith ‘Bob’ 1963/64-1971/72; D’ARCY, John William ‘Jack’ 1958; DE GROEN, Richard Paul 1993/94-1994/95; DAVIS, Heath Te-Ihi-O-Te-Rangi 1994-1997/98; DEMPSTER, Eric William 1952/53-1953/54; DICK, Arthur Edward ‘Artie’ 1961/62-1965; DOULL, Simon Blair 1992/93-1999/2000; DOWLING, Graham Thorne 1961/62-1971/72; DRUM, Christopher James 2000/01-2001/02; EDGAR, Bruce Adrian 1978-1986; EDWARDS, Graham Neil ‘Jock’ 1976/77-1980/81; FLEMING, Stephen Paul 1993/94-2004; FRANKLIN, James Edward Charles 2000/01-2004; FRANKLIN, Trevor John 1983-1990/91; FULTON, Peter Gordon 2005/06; GEDYE, Sid Graham 1963/64-1964/65; GERMON, Lee Kenneth 1995/96-1996/97; GILLESPIE, Stuart Ross 1985/86; GRAY, Evan John 1983-1988/89; GREATBATCH, Mark John 1987/88-1996/97; GUILLEN, Simpson Clairemont 1955/56; GUY, John William 1955/56-1961/62;  HADLEE, Dayle Robert 1969-1977/78; HADLEE, Richard John 1972/73-1990; HADLEE, Walter Arnold 1937-1950/51; HARFORD, Roy Ivan 1967/68; HARRIS, Chris Zinzan 1992/93 2001/02; HARRIS, Roger Meredith 1958/59; HART, Matthew Norman 1993/94-1995/96; HART, Robert Garry 2001/02-2003/04; HARTLAND, Blair Robert 1991/92-1994; HASLAM, Mark James 1992/93-1995/96; HASTINGS, Brian Frederick 1968/69-1975/76; HAYES, John Arthur 1950/51-1958; HORNE, Matthew Jeffery 1996/97-2002/03; HORNE, Philip Andrew 1986/87-1990/91; HOUGH, Kenneth William 1958/59; HOW, Jamie Michael 2005/06; HOWARTH, Geoffrey Philip 1974/75-1984/85; HOWARTH, Hedley John 1969 1976/77; JARVIS, Terrence Wayne 1964/65-1972/73; JONES, Andrew Howard 1986/87-1994/95; JONES, Richard Andrew 2003/04; KENNEDY, Robert John 1995/96; KERR, John Lambert ‘Jack’ 1931-1937; KUGGELEIJN, Christopher Mary 1988/89; LARSEN, Gavin Rolf 1994-1995/96; LATHAM, Rodney Terry 1991/92-1992/93; LEES, Warren Kenneth 1976/77-1983; LEGGAT, Ian Bruce 1953/54; LOVERIDGE, Greg Riaka 1995/96; McCULLUM, Brendon Barrie 2003/04-2004; McEWAN, Paul Ernest 1979/80-1984/85; MacGIBBON, Anthony Roy 1950/51-1958; McGREGOR, Spencer Noel 1954/55-1964/65; McMAHON, Trevor George 1955/56; McMILLAN, Craig Douglas 1997/98-2004; MARSHALL, Hamish John Hamilton 2000/01; MARSHALL, James Andrew Hamilton 2004/05; MARTIN, Christopher Stewart 2000/01-2004; MASON, Michael James 2003/04; MEALE, Trevor 1958; MEULI, Edgar Milton 1952/53; MILBURN, Barry Douglas 1952/53-1958; MILLS, Kyle David 2004; MORGAN, Ross Winston 1962/63; MORRISON, Bruce Donald 1987/88-1996/97; MORRISON, Daniel Kyle 1987/88-1996/97; MORRISON, John Francis MacLean 1973/74-1981/82; MOTZ, Richard Charles 1961/62-1969; MURRAY, Bruce Alexander Grenfell 1967/68-1970/71; MURRAY, Darrin James 1994/95;  NASH, Dion Joseph 1992/93-2001/02; O’BRIEN, Iain Edward 2004/05; O’CONNOR, Shane Barry 1997/98-2001/02; ORAM, Jacob David Philip 2002/03-2004; O’SULLIVAN, David Robert 1972/73-1976/77; OWENS, Michael Barry 1992/93-1994; PAPPS, Michael Hugh William 2003/04-2004; PARKER, John Morton 1972/73-1980/81; PARKER, Norman Murray 1976/77; PARORE, Adam Craig 1990-2001/02; PATEL, Dipak Narshibhai 1986/87-1996/97; PATEL, Jeetan 2006; PETHERICK, Peter James 1976/77; PLAYLE, William Rodger 1958-1962/63; POCOCK, Blair Andrew 1993/94-1997/98; POLLARD, Victor 1964/65-1973; POORE, Matt Beresford 1952/53-1955/56; PRIEST, Mark Wellings 1990-1997/98; PRINGLE, Christopher 1990/91-1994/95; RABONE, Geoffrey Osbourne 1949-1954/55; REDMOND, Rodney Ernest 1972/73; REID, John Fulton 1978/79-1985/86; REID, John Richard 1949-1965; RICHARDSON, Mark Hunter 2000/01-2004; ROBERTSON, Gary Keith 1985/86; RUTHERFORD, Kenneth Robert 1984/85-1994/95; SCOTT, Roy Hamilton 1946/47; SEWELL, David Graham 1997/98; SHRIMPTON, Michael John Froud 1962/63-1973/74; SINCLAIR, Barry Whitley 1962/63-1967/68; SINCLAIR, Ian McKay 1955/56; SINCLAIR, Mathew Stuart 1999/00-2004; SMITH, Ian David Stockley 1980/81-1991/92; SNEDDEN, Colin Alexander 1946/47; SNEDDEN, Martin Colin 1980/81-1990; SPARLING, John Trevor 1958-1963/64; SPEARMAN, Craig Murray 1995/96-2000/01; STEAD, Gary Raymond 1998/99-1999/2000; STIRLING, David Alexander 1984/85-1986; STYRIS, Scott Bernard 2001/02-2004; SUA, Murphy Logo 1991/92-1994/95; TAYLOR, Bruce Richard 1964/65-1973; THOMSON, Keith 1967/68; THOMSON, Shane Alexander 1989/90-1995/96; TINDILL, Eric William Thomas 1937-1946/47; TROUP, Gary Bertram 1976/77-1985/86; TRUSCOTT, Peter Bennetts 1964/65; TUFFEY, Daryl Raymond 1999/00-2004; TURNER, Glenn Maitland 1968/69-1982/83; TWOSE, Roger Graham 1995/96-1999; VANCE, Robert Howard  1987/88-1989/90; VAUGHAN, Justin Thomas Caldwell 1992/93-1996/97; VETTORI, Daniel Luca 1996/97-2004; VINCENT, Lou 2001/02-2003/04; VIVIAN, Graham Ellery 1964/65-1971/72 WALKER, Brooke Graham Keith 2000/01-2001/02; WALMSLEY, Kerry Peter 1994/95-2000/01; WARD, John Thomas 1963/64-1967/68; WATSON, WILLIAM ‘Willie’ 1986-1993/94; WEBB, Murray George 1970/71-1973/74; WEBB, Peter Neil 1979/80; WHITE, David John 1990/91; WISEMAN, Paul John 1997/98-2003/04; WRIGHT, John Geoffrey 1977/78-1992/93; YOUNG, Bryan Andrew 1993/94-1998/99;YUILE, Bryan William 1962/63-1969/70